Below are the rules for our August tournament, in case you have not seen them on the bulletin board. After we determine just how many players we have, we will post sign up sheets for tee times for those not playing in the tournament.  These times will be after the tournament players go off at 8:08 am.  If you cannot be there to sign up to play, just come out to Timber Creek on Aug.  13th and you’ll be able to play……..sometime after 9 am, after the tournament players have begun their competitions.






August 13th and 20th.   Rain day is Aug. 27th.


Participation is OPTIONAL for members.

DO NOT sign up if you can’t play both weeks.

Choose a partner whose handicap is within 5 strokes of yours.

Starting times will be emailed to you ahead of the first day.


Week 1. BEST BALL – Each player plays her own golf ball throughout the round. On each hole the low net score -or “best ball” of the twosome serves as the team score. Score cards will be “stroked” according to your handicap.

Week 2. ALTERNATE SHOT  (Modified Chapman) — Both players tee off. Select the best shot. The player whose shot was not chosen, hits the second shot and you then alternate shots until the ball is holed. Record one score for the team. Repeat on each tee. Partner’s handicaps are added together and divided in half for a team handicap. Subtract this handicap from the gross score for your team’s net score.

Non-tournament players CAN still play golf on “Partners Challenge” days by signing up on the tee sheet posted on the bulletin board. Tournament players tee off first on tournament day at 8:08 am.